Hale Mahaolu Continues Effort to Locate Lahaina Tenants

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August 16, 2023

Four Lahaina Projects Believed to Be Heavily Damaged or Destroyed

KAHULUI – Hale Mahaolu, a private Hawai`i housing non-profit, continues efforts to locate its Lahaina tenants. Because of the far-reaching nature of this fire, and the ongoing recovery efforts being conducted by first responders and emergency personnel, Hale Mahaolu staff have not been allowed to enter Lahaina. The organization has confirmed that all staff members and most tenants are safe, but is aware of reports of the death of one tenant.


“We are deeply saddened by reports of the passing of one of our tenants in the recent wildfires in Maui,” said Grant Chun, Hale Mahaolu executive director. “Our thoughts and condolences are with their family and loved ones. The safety of our tenants has always been our foremost priority. We are here to provide any necessary assistance and support during this difficult time.”


“We also remain deeply concerned for our tenants who have not yet been located. Since Maui County issued the notice to evacuate on Tuesday, August 8, Hale Mahaolu staff have been working diligently to contact tenants to ensure their safety,” Chun continued. “We have been in contact with most tenants, and our staff continues to work tirelessly to connect with remaining tenants.


Hale Mahaolu Eono, a 35-unit independent living apartment complex for individuals ages 62 and over on Lahainaluna Road owned and managed by Hale Mahaolu, was lost to the wildfires.


Hale Mahaolu is waiting for indication from Maui County about the status of three additional projects, Lahaina Surf, as well as two County-owned housing projects it manages, Komohana Hale and Crossroads. They are also believed to be heavily damaged or destroyed.


“We are deeply sympathetic to families who have not been able to contact their loved ones,” said Chun. “Unfortunately, the information we can share about our individual tenants is very limited. We do this to maintain their privacy and also to prevent unscrupulous people from using this disaster to make false claims for disaster relief or engage in identity theft.”


Since the notice to evacuate was issued, Hale Mahaolu has been working to make contact with tenants via telephone and is assisting them as needed with housing arrangements and provisions. However, making contact with tenants has proven difficult given the gaps in phone service caused by the wildfires.


Hale Mahaolu is distributing donated food, household goods and financial assistance to affected tenants. Its housing counseling team is also working with affected tenants to provide information about housing arrangements.


In contrast to assisted living or skilled nursing facilities, Hale Mahaolu Eono residents live independently. Hale Mahaolu Eono residents prepare their own meals, plan their own activities and are not required to report their whereabouts to staff.


Tenants of Hale Mahaolu Eono, Lahaina Surf, Komohana Hale and Crossroads are encouraged to contact the organization at (808) 872-4100. Hale Mahaolu staff are standing by to help in providing assistance, information and resources to those impacted.


About Hale Mahaolu


Hale Mahaolu, a private non-profit corporation, was organized in 1967 and has been a sponsor, developer, owner and manager of 17 different properties (approximately 1,300 units) in Maui County, including the islands of Molokai and Lanai. The organization’s purpose is to develop and manage safe, sanitary, decent housing as well as provide supportive services for very low to moderate income seniors, families and individuals in Maui County. Our objective is to provide rental housing, related facilities, and supportive services specially designed to meet the physical, social, and psychological needs of our residents and to contribute to their health, security, happiness, and usefulness in an independent living setting.


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