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Kupuna Care

Hale Mahaolu’s Personal Care Program has been serving Maui County’s frail elderly and disabled and/or chronically ill adults since 1985. Hale Mahaolu coordinates programs which offer homemaker services as well as personal care assistance for individuals residing in Maui County. The goal of these programs is to assist individuals in maintaining an independent lifestyle in their own home and prevent premature or unnecessary institutionalization.

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Personal Care

  • Personal care assistance may include any of the following:
  • Bathing, hygiene, grooming, skin care, oral hygiene, hair care, and dressing.
  • Assistance with bowel and bladder care needs.
  • Assistance with ambulation and transfers.
  • Assistance with medications reminders.
  • Assistance with feeding, nutrition, meal preparation, and other dietary activities.
  • Assistance with exercise, positioning, and range of motion to maintain and/or strengthen muscle tone, and to prevent contractures, decubitus ulcers, and/or deterioration.
  • Maintain a safe environment.
  • Assistance with adaptive equipment and supplies, including care of such equipment and supplies.
  • Observing and reporting changes in client behavior, functioning, condition, and/or self – care abilities, which may necessitate more or less service.
  • Household services following personal care such as cleaning of utensils for meal service, cleaning of bathroom after bathing, cleaning and maintenance of adaptive equipment, bedding changes, etc.

In–Home Respite

In-Home Respite offers temporary relief to primary caregivers to have personal time away from the everyday stresses and duties of being a caregiver. The caregiver may use respite time to enjoy leisure activities, take an overnight trip and have “me time” with the knowledge that their care recipient is well cared for by a compassionate and caring attendant. Arrangements for limited 24 hour and overnight care may be provided for caregivers when planned in advance.

Services for the care recipient may include:

  • Companionship
  • Supervision
  • Services noted in Personal Care, Housekeeping and Attendant Care
  • Other routine duties normally provided by the caregiver


Homemaker assistance may include any of the following:

  • Dusting
  • Sweeping and vacuuming
  • Mopping
  • Cleaning bathroom (sink, toilet, shower/tub)
  • Cleaning kitchen (dishwashing, countertops, stove, removing spoiled foods from refrigerator)
  • Change linens and making the bed
  • Laundry
  • Taking out household trash
  • Assist with using telephone
  • Prepare and serve simple meals
  • Marketing & shopping for household supplies and personal essentials
  • Escort to clinics, physician office visits or other trips for obtaining treatment, when no other resource is available
  • Other household duties as needed
  • Clients are responsible for providing their own supplies to accomplish needed tasks such as cleaning supplies and equipment/tools.

How can I apply for In-Home Care services?

Contact our office at 808 873 – 0521. The staff will gather information from you and refer you to the appropriate program to meet your needs. This may include a care manager from the Maui County Office on Aging for adults 60 years and older who qualify for the Kupuna Care Program, or a service coordinator from a Medicaid insurance plan for adults 18 years and older. Upon completion of the assessment, they will make the appropriate referrals for services based on your needs.

Upon receiving a referral from the Maui County Office on Aging or your Medicaid insurance plan, Hale Mahaolu Personal Care Program staff will contact you to schedule a home visit by program staff. The program staff will do an assessment to develop a care plan to meet your needs, and arrange for a personal care attendant to assist you with your personal and home care needs.

Who is Eligible?

Qualifying Adults 60 years and older residing in Maui County who need assistance with activities of daily living to remain safely in their own homes.

Qualifying Medicaid insurance adult members 18 years and older residing in Maui County.

How Much Will This Cost Me?

The Kupuna Care Program welcomes voluntary contributions. The Medicaid plan will usually cover all of your costs, however, there may be a cost share that is determined by your medicaid plan.